Fundamental Courses

Beginner Course

Understand the basics of how to pose individuals, couples and groups; find the best light; utilize composition techniques to radically improve your photography.

Intermediate Course

Move from a beginner to an intermediate photography level by mastering more advanced technical and creative techniques.

Advanced Course

Become pro photographer - understand camera gear, lighting and composition, portrait, stock photography and photography career basics.

Benefits From Our Courses

- Discover fundamental technics on how to really shoot sharp images;

- You will know when to shoot photos in natural lighting, how to utilize at best;

- Step by step guide to seeing a photograph before it happens, so you don't miss the decisive moment;

- Key adjustments to the aperture settings to create your desired depth of field;

- Discover how to take better pictures using your cell phone camera;

- You will learn how to take portrait shots, landscape shots, black and white photo shots, macro shots.

Specialized Courses

  • 01

    Interior Design Photography

    It can be quite tricky to take nice photos when it comes to interior design, so we have put together a step-by-step course for beginners and advanced photographers.

  • 02

    Pet Photography

    Learn how to take amazing photos of your dog or cat, set up your own photo studio in your living room and discover what equipment you will need.

  • 03

    Concert Photography

    You’re passionate about music and photography and your dream is to get started with concert photography? Your step-by-step course into the world of concert photography.

Heros Behind the Company

Got a passion for photography but want to improve your shots? Our professionally created courses are directly for you!

Learn with our professional photographers how to master the camera, photo techniques, and composition to make your photographs stand out. Each course is a setup to quickly take you through step by step, starting with the fundamentals of them moving into different categories of photography and editing.

Roman Morrow

A professional photographer

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